High Performance Optical Mirrors Made of CVC SiC® or Composites

Advanced Silicon Carbide Materials (ASCM) designs and manufactures high performance mirrors and telescopes made of CVC SiC® or composites. These precision-engineered optical products are used in a wide range of civilian, military and aerospace applications.


ASCM product

Customized to Your

We manufacture our high performance optical mirrors and telescopes with quality materials that offer the stiffness, thermal stability, inertial and vibrational requirements, as well as other characteristics, demanded by each particular application.


ASCM product

Customized to Your

Our HoneySiC® materials are comprised of various combinations of either SiC fibers, Carbon Fibers or nanotubes, and SiC. The microstructure can be tailored to maximize various properties for a variety of structural uses. It is inherently strong and has a low CTE that can be matched to SiC, C-C.


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Adding Value to Your
High Performance

Our engineering, R&D, testing and maintenance & repair services can help you develop the ideal mirror for your specific environment. We can also perform scheduled maintenance & testing.


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Materials Featuring
Ideal Properties

Our CVC SiC® and composite materials are ideally suited to some of the most demanding applications. If you require high hardness or other special properties, we can make you the ideal mirror or telescope.

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Custom & Standard Solutions for Commercial, Research & Military Environments

Whether your optical mirrors or telescopes require special formulations of CVC SiC® or composites, or can be manufactured with off-the-shelf materials, our engineering team can help you determine the best solution for your specific application. At ASCM, our engineering and manufacturing excellence is supported by quality program that uses best practices to ensure that every product leaving our facilities meets the highest performance standards.

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Continuous Dedication to Quality

Our commitment to making sure every mirror or telescope we design and manufacture meets your specifications perfectly drives us to achieve excellence in everything we do. With a quality program that sets the industry standard, you get the peace-of-mind necessary to depend on us for all of your optical mirrors and related components.

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